The Transformation of Data Ownership

BartPay is an ecosystem of tools and services that enable people, businesses, and developers to unlock the latent value of data by pooling, securely sharing, and monetising its value.

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The BartPay Token: Powering a world of data

For Users

Importance of compensating individuals.

A Vision for Vehicles, Housing, Medical, and Gaming Data compensation. Regain ownership and receive passive earnings, Share value of data into social development. Barter data value for alternative ecosystem benefits.

For Builders

Build on reliable networks

Accelerate innovation due to improved access to diverse data, Be part of a new generation of data solutions, User acquisition through incentivisation mechanics and communication. We welcome partnerships

For Enterprises

Ethical use & sharing of data.

Access high-quality, zero-party data at scale, Save time and money by eliminating intermediaries and reducing ad fraud and bots, Improve the reputation and sustainability of business practices

What are people saying?

The best technology, on the best blockchains. Don’t take our word for it. See what some of our community members have to say!

This is the future, get money for your Data, and the best thing about this app is very easy to use.

Martin Flannick

data creator

BartPay is an amazing tool! Awesome! It helped us make our income more robust and reliable. Thank you for everything you are doing and keep it up!

Claire Hoggard

data creator

Building our data account up with BarPay is very easy and fast. This is a new World in data collection, when the user decides what to share, what data to report about himself, it's cool to see my data account going up fast!

Ivan Dobrovosky

data creator

And just like that a new DATA economy was born, this is amazing and so easy to setup, and the value of our personal behavior is back in our hands!

Randy Clarks

data creator

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The Dawn of a new age of Data

Discover BP Token

BartPay tokens are the native tokens for the BartPay ecosystem. We denote BartPay tokens by the ticker symbol, BP. These tokens have multiple uses within the BartPay ecosystem as both a utility and a governance token and are a unit of exchange for buying or selling BartPay data or products & services.


Stake your favorite coins on the BartPay BlockChain and earn highest yields while maintaining liquidity and fast transaction times.


Improve access to high-quality, zero-party data for businesses and data scientists


Take part in the future of BartPay by giving your opinion in our internal politics


Work alongside ecosystem partners to allow for interoperability and mass adoption at scale towards a wider vision for the future of data


Encourage developers and entrepreneurs to join a new generation of data solutions


Provide a way for users to get paid for the value of their data and to put it to good use through collective support of social organisations

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We don’t own or operate a single data center. Instead, built on Streamr, BlockChain Technology takes advantage of a massive global network of nodes that enables unparalled security, privacy, availability and cost savings.

Active nodes


Store capacity

10+ PBytes


625 Million

Data pieces

42 Billion

Strong minded people

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Product Roadmap

Stay up to date with the team’s latest progress on product development. Started back in 2018, the BartPay project continues to break boundries in Web3 development.

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